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Coach Mentor Program

Invest in your career

What is the Coach Mentor Program?

The Coach Mentor Program is a six month career development plan designed for aspiring strength & conditioning coaches who want to gain accreditation with a governing body and put themselves in the best position for a career in the industry.

Knowledge & Support

Direction of effort is key, both in athletic endeavours and career development! Fraser is a ...

Successful Record

Whether you are an athlete or aspiring coach, FM Training has a track record for ...

Become Autonomous

Learn the principles and understand the best strategies. The end goal at FM Training is ...


High quality coaching and programming leads to progress and enjoyment.

Connect With FMT

Use the contact page to express interest and set up a video call consultation.

Map Out Your Future

Six months of support will be mapped out with a checklist for each month based on your starting point as a coach.


Develop over four key areas; S&C Theory, Squad Management & Coaching Practice, Practical Weightlifting and Practical SAQ.

Celebrate Success

Sit your S&C exams through your governing body.

Pricing Plans

Consultation & Action Plan

  • Introduction
  • What you need & where you are at
  • Your focus for the month
  • Shared resources (video and text)

Full Mentor Program

6 Months
  • Weightlifting Analysis
  • Guided Learning on Scientific Principles of S&C
  • Session Planning
  • SAQ Practical Assessments
  • One Week On-site Coaching

Conferences / Work Place Upskilling

  • Nutrition Strategies For Rugby Players
  • Strength & Conditioning System Set-Up
  • Conditioning For Rugby Practical
  • Strength & Power Techniques for Rugby
  • Nutrition Strategies For The Corporate Athlete