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Pin Press

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

I’m a guy who has had two shoulder surgeries on my right side before the age of twenty, and my good shoulder has a grade 2 SLAP tear. Therefore, getting the upper body stronger over the years has been not only essential for my shoulder health, but a challenge because it has required some regular changes in modalities to manage stress/ adaptation.

Pin press is one exercise which allows me to develop upper body pressing strength without pain in my shoulders (due to less ROM than bench and the time under tension ‘unload/ reload’ at the bottom of the lift). It’s a useful horizontal pressing exercise which can be cycled in throughout the year to complement the bench press. Once my athletes reach a certain level on bench press and OH press, I bring in the pin press and push press to continue their upper body strength development. With female athletes, I typically bring this in as an option once they’re at 0.8 x body-weight on bench press as I’ve observed it allows them to get to a body-weight bench press quicker. For male athletes, I tend to include as an option when they can bench 1.25 of their body-weight, unless shoulder issues dictate that it’s in earlier, with the view to pushing onto 1.5 of body-weight. As always, there are many roads to London and different ways to do things. From a fitness industry perspective, I have observed that there is generally too much variety in people’s programmes. Variety for variety sake – perhaps an attempt to keep clients interested. Yet what motivates and keeps everyone interested is progress and results.  It’s essential to have tools and tricks up your sleeve as an S&C coach or trainer, but it’s crucial to know when and why to ‘change it up’.

If your pressing strength has stalled and you’re at the levels (0.8*bw for females / 1.25*bw for males) then this movement might be the way forward for you.

Happy training!



Bounce Week Time Saver Sessions

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

This training week represents a bit of a bounce week for me. You see, normally each block, month and week is planned with all the different training variables accounted for. (If you didn’t know already – I’m a big fan of planning progress.)

This week I found myself at the end of a loading week and I had planned a deload week before I start my hypertrophy block; however, I had (and still have) so much energy and well…flat out aggression, that I decided to add in a bounce loading week.

Basically the plan is to absolutely demolish the weights, sprints and everything in-between over the next six days.

This is good for you because it means I’ll be posting some cool workouts that:

  1. Are aimed at glycogen depletion.
  2. Give you HUGE pumps which put you in an anabolic state.
  3. Save you lots of time so that you can get on with your life!

Here is what I did today:

1a. Narrow Bench Press    3 x 6
1b. Dips                                    3 x 8

2a. Chin Ups            3 x 6
2b. Incline Curls   3 x 8

3a. Lateral Raise   3 x 12
3b. Reverse Fly     3 x 12

As it is a bounce week for me I do not follow any specific rest guidelines or tempos – I simply feel out the training. Meaning, if I feel I can get the reps in then I stop resting.

Lookout for some more time saving supersets on the lower body tomorrow.

Until then,