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My training update: the pursuit of a black belt II

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

In my last post I highlighted that I was going to compete for the grade of 2nd Kyu in Judo, or blue belt. I was super excited to have the opportunity to fight and was able to record all three fights.

On reflexion I was able to achieve my process and performance goals in two of my fights, though I must admit that I was hoping for a BIG crowd pleasing Ippon. Next time :)

There are many things that I need to work on if I am to progress and become the fighter I want to be, yet for now I’m pleased I was able to achieve my outcome goals for this grading.

If I could share a take-away lesson with you it would be this: use goal setting. Goal setting is a very powerful motivational tool which can really aid focus. As you’ve read, there are more than one type of goals you can set. Enjoy the process, execute the performance and the outcome should take care of itself.

Judo 2nd Kyu: Blue Belt

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

This coming Saturday provides me with my first oppertunity to fight for the grade of 2nd Kyu. I will face three opponents and must win two out of three to gain the promotion to blue belt. Of course, my goals are slightly more ambitious:

1. Process goal: obtain my grip and feel out my opponent before throwing.

2. Performance goal: Achieve an ippon throw.

3. Outcome goal: Win all three fights.

I hope to get footage of my fights (my last recorded footage was when I was a 5th Kyu yellow belt and so I have added many skills since then) but for now, I’ll share my excitement with a cool judo video…