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Training tip: explosive intent

Saturday, December 12th, 2015

The first time I squatted 180kg was two years ago with a belt and knee sleeves. I’ve been working through knee injuries these past few years and while I still must programme sensibly, I’m now in a position where I have an improved V02 max and an improved maximal back squat. One message I convey to all my athletes regarding improving athletic prowess is the intention to move their primary exercises as controlled yet fast as possible. Below is more recent video of my 180kg squat without any extra support, and its clear this isn’t a maximal lift for me anymore. In the pursuit of athletic development it’s important to be as forceful as possible when training with a barbell. In this example, you will see me accelerate the concentric portion of the lift through full range of motion, so much so that I do a small jump (admittedly, a very small jump) to finish the lift. I don’t often speak in generalisations; however, a good train of thought is to control the descent of a lift (such as bench or squat) and accelerate the ascent. Of course, the load will dictate how fast the bar-speed is but the emphasis is on ‘intent’.