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Aberdeenshire RFC Team Building Preseason

Friday, August 14th, 2015

I had an absolute blast at the start of the month as I was tasked with providing the conditioning element of the ‘shire team building day. Preseason is always a busy and fun time for a strength & conditioning coach, and one of the best parts of my job is providing on-field conditioning. While each conditioning session has a purpose and scientific underpinning in the work: rest ratios we select, I have to admit: the team building day was much more about creating camaraderie through overcoming adversity. And creating that adversity was my task :) . As expected all the boys showed relentless tenaciousness and conquered every single challenge I set them making for a fantastic day and hopefully a fantastic season ahead. I’m extremely proud of all the boys for their effort and what they were able to accomplish that day. #shirestrong


Testimonial | Positive Feedback | Kev Wyness, Rugby Coach

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Whether you’re an athlete or a coach, it’s always nice to receive positive feedback. Especially from a high level skills coach who has been on the scene for decades.

“Fraser Murray has been working with Aberdeenshire RFC since May 2014 providing lead S&C for the club. He is directly responsible for programming both the weights and on-field conditioning and has worked with the rugby coaching staff to ensure the players workloads are monitored when in-season.

Fraser also works closely with our physiotherapists on player rehab and welfare. The coaching staff receive daily updates on player performance and our players are extremely responsive to Fraser and his methods. He is a valuable member of the coaching staff for both Caledonia u20 and Aberdeenshire RFC and has now worked with individuals who last season made both district age grade rugby squads and international age grade squads (u18, u19 and u20 Scotland). Aberdeenshire RFC are ambitious and are using player development as the foundations and I would say that with Fraser’s work with the players we are achieving our goals for both individual and club.

On a personal note Fraser is one of the best S&C coaches I have ever worked with and is always looking for ways to improve his athletes as well as having an open mind to our suggestions for individuals.”

Kev Wyness
Coach, Aberdeenshire RFC and SRU BT Academy (Caledonia) U20