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Common Rollout Mistake

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

The rollout is one of the greatest core exercises; however, people can get a little lazy with their hips. See the video below for one of the most common mistakes I see in the gym. The aim is to create, and keep, a posterior pelvic tilt throughout the movement. Break at the shoulders only, keep the hips forward.

See the video below for a progression from kneeling rollouts.

My training update: the pursuit of a black belt III

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

 Every so often I like to update readers with how my own training and development is going. Though I am a strength and conditioning coach who really enjoys the physical preparation required to perform well in sport, I have always viewed the weight training and fitness conditioning as a means to an end. In other words, my focus has never been “I just want to squat huge bro”, rather it has been “okay if I can squat twice my body weight that puts me in a better position to run faster, throw quicker and move better”. Relative strength is vitally important in sport, especially in sports with weight categories like Judo, therefore all my athletic development has been with the idea that I will increase my ability to perform on the tatami.

Alongside my athletic development I have been trying to acquire as much fighting skills as my body and mind will allow. When I was introduced to Judo I went to class just once a week for six months or so and used the sport as a form of fitness training. Then, something clicked.  I didn’t all of a sudden become a baddass-slamming-feared-judoka. Rather, something clicked in my head where I thought: this isn’t good enough. I wanted to move, and throw like my sensei. I wanted to be a good fighter.  When the time came, I wanted to fight and win a ‘line up’ for the grade of 1st Dan (black belt).  In my part I and II of this series I wrote about my journey and the steps and processes I was going through to achieve the overall goal. I am pleased to report that I successfully completed a ‘line up’ last year (23rd Nov 2013) and received the grade of 1st Dan (black belt). As I eluded to in my past posts, the journey to this wasn’t easy. Now I am very much at the end of the beginning and hopefully I have a long and healthy middle ahead of me, full of learning and improvement. Specifically, I am currently in training for my first judo competition oversees in Germany.

For the last three months I have been trying to alleviate knee pain (patellar tendonitis) and maintain my athleticism. While my knee problem hasn’t completely cleared, I am short on time and have decided to get back into full swing and spend as much time on the tatami as possible. The view is to peak around the time of my fights in September and I will be posting up footage of my training journey along the way. Stay tuned!