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Welcome to the FMT Blog

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Welcome to the my new blog!

What is FMT all about? Checkout the text from my home page:

FMT was created to help you with your health and fitness goals. Muscle building, weight loss, increased performance, increased strength and increased speed are all characteristics of FMT.

 I want to get as many people as I can to achieve their goals. This website was originally designed for my current clients to learn and utilize the videos in the exercise guide. That said there are articles and information available for everybody to look through and learn from.

I have been interested in all aspects of fitness since playing rugby as a child. While I played to an international standard at the age grade level, my shoulder could not take another dislocation and so two operations later I had to stop my active participation in a great sport. Now I am in the pursuit of optimal relative strength and I have entered into powerlifting competitions this year.

My journey as a fitness professional saw me start off as a Gym Instructor. I progressed onto Personal Trainer status very quickly and before too long I was selected as a Trainer of Personal Trainers before deciding to start FMT. Experience has taught me that maximizing your potential requires not only an all-out physical effort, but an intelligent choice of training methods. All FMT clients have unique access to the online video exercise library, where they can search for the best exercises and download their latest FMT programme. My unique programme design makes goals more achievable and the client support ensures you get there!

I understand that there is a mass of information on the internet and new fitness fads coming out each month, making it difficult to determine what works from what doesn’t. The aim of FMT is to supply only information that is tried and tested and backed by science and experience, giving you the tools to maximize your potential.

For more of an understanding about FMT why not checkout what some of my clients have said about FMT methods. Alternatively, click the video below for a preview of some of the stuff I was doing with the rugby boys I coached in the summer of 2009. Enjoy browsing through the articles and ask Fraser section and remember to sign up for the free newsletter.