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About Fraser

``Hi! Thank you for visiting my website ‘FMTraining’.

My hope is that the content and videos I share on my blog can help influence any sports person’s journey in a positive way.

I’m a Strength & Conditioning Coach (also known as a physical preparation coach) who is on a mission to optimise the training of all athletes I encounter. I believe that training hard is an absolute essential ingredient to success; however, my role in an athlete’s journey isn’t to do the physical work for them. Rather, it’s to provide the guidance, direction and support to enhance their athletic abilities.

My early years began in the fitness industry, however I pivoted into performance sport to follow my passion of coaching athletes. Initially I worked across a spectrum of sports at the collegiate level and thoroughly enjoyed the variety and challenge of being a multi-sport S&C coach. Since then I’ve found my niche: training rugby players.

My favourite coaching moment of my career so far is captured in the below image. This is the moment the referee blew the final whistle of the Scotland U18 2018 season (the team I was assigned to for three years while working for Scottish Rugby) and shows the teams third and final victory of their U18 Home Nations Tournament. Being a strength coach is more than squats, shuttle runs and bench presses. It’s about contributing to a squad’s performance in any small way you can to achieve the look of elation and pride the boys have below. ``

Fraser Murray CSCS, ASCC

Strength & Conditioning Coach

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